Technology can play a vital role in growing your organization. A well-structured technology plan can and should support the overall strategic plan of the organization. Many organizations find themselves however, in technology overload. They are sold a lot of promises of how this new technology can improve their bottom line only to find out it takes a lot of resources and time to not only install but maintain. How do you keep from getting caught in this dilemma? A good start is to have a Technology Committee formed with members from different areas of the organization. But “nobody has the expertise”, “We don’t even know where to begin” you say? That’s where ABS and its’ many resources can help your organization get started and provide the expertise to help ensure you are matching the right technology with the needs of the organization.

Our ABS team stays current on technology trends, ensuring our customers don’t fall into technology overload. We can provide the assistance you need to guide your organization to growth with technology. We know a lot of organizations can’t justify a full time Technology person, that is why ABS is going to introduce a Technology Committee subscription service to help organizations get answers to their technology questions as well as provide technology oversite for strategic planning. If you would like to be a part of the initial launch or just want more information, please let us know and we will have someone discuss what this means for your organization.