Security Overlooked

It seems the publicity of hacks and attacks on business networks has been quiet lately. Don’t be fooled into thinking your business is safe because all has been quiet. Security is a continuous and evolving practice that businesses should have a plan in place for and continuously monitor.

Many businesses are moving their hosting of security and business resources to the “cloud” as a solution to offload the responsibility of managing these resources in-house. While this is a sensible solution, keep in mind the business still has a responsibility of oversite of these services. If you are a financial institution, the Regulators still want to ensure you have knowledgeable oversite of these services and that institutions have sound security practices in place. If you are a business, don’t be fooled that someone else is watching over your security and you have nothing to worry about. You should continuously monitor their practices through reports available to you. Many services have Management Portals you can get dashboard reports without having to be technology savvy.

While the task of managing and understanding these security services can seem daunting, take heart that ABS can be a resource for helping you navigate these services and help you understand the reports and dashboards. We offer one time and contracted services to help educate, study and review these services and reports. Need help with choosing an outsourced solution, ABS can help there as well.

ABS is your trusted resource in helping your business thrive and survive. To see how this process works and services ABS offers, please contact us at 913-599-7471 or   We welcome the opportunity to meet with you.