SBA Borrower Assistance

In past SBA articles we have provided details on how ABS can help your institution with packaging, servicing, selling the guaranteed portion and auditing your files to ensure your guaranty is secure.

We can also work with the financial institution’s potential borrowers in putting the application together.  We have clients that put us in touch with their potential SBA borrowers to work with them to gather all the needed information, fill out the correct forms and to review if the potential borrower is a good candidate for an SBA loan.  All the financial institution has to do is send the loan through its own review and approval process.  All this is at the cost of the potential borrower.

Plus, ABS has access to many services that small business owners may need for their back room operations.  These services include bookkeeping, accrual accounting, bill pay, payroll administration, invoicing, sales tax filing, compliance calendar, strategic planning and mentorship.  This is just a partial list.  These services may also benefit your current borrowers/customers as well.

To see how this process works and the costs for our various services, please contact us at 913-599-7471 or   We welcome the opportunity to meet with you.