Redirecting to Teach

boardHave you ever spent extra time on an e-mail or message to make sure all the details are included, making sure there will be no possible questions.  Hit send and your done right?   Only to receive that phone call or e-mail reply asking a question that is completely spelled out in the e-mail you sent.  

This just happened in our own organization.   A very detailed e-mail went out to a few people.  Within an hour of sending the e-mail, one person called another person in our organization asking for a phone number of the person who sent the e-mail (information was in e-mail).  Then this person called the person who sent the e-mail, asking questions that were clearly spelled out.  

Have you ever sent an email with a couple questions and you get a response to only one issue.  Frustrating, right?

So, let’s all slow down, make sure our e-mails explain everything needed and make sure you take the time to read before you react.   AND if someone does call for a question that they could have resolved on their own, well, take the time to teach them by not just giving them the answer, but directing them to where they can find the answer and asking them to go back and find it and then if they still have questions they can contact you.

Remember, give a man a fish and he eats a meal, teach a man to fish and he eats a lifetime.

 Keep in mind –TIME IS MONEY!