Core Values: What you believe to be most important in the way you live, lead, and do business. Your values support your vision of life and business, the outcomes you desire, the impact you want to have and the influence you want to create for others – your creed, your brand, your culture. They shape and become the culture of your life – your business and the lives of your team.

Most of us know what core values are and their importance but if we are honest, we do not do a very good job of living our values, and building our teams based on those common values. Yet, we are always trying to have the best CULTURE.

Company culture is increasingly becoming a differentiator for organizations of all sizes and across industries. A positive, productive culture has the power to make prospective employees and customers want to partner with you, and — just as important — stay with you. And the benefits don’t stop there: Over 50% of executives now agree that corporate culture can influence productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value, and growth rates.

But while it is usually easy to describe what your company does – the products and/or services it provides- it is not always as easy to define your culture. That is because culture is intangible. It is a feeling present in the workplace and throughout the company, and it can even reach people outside your organization.

How can you capture that unique feeling and focus on preserving your culture, or improving it, as you grow your business and welcome more people to your team? By identifying your company’s core values, you can better define your culture — your greater mission and reason(s) for existing as a company, beyond the tangible products or services you offer.

ABS surveyed 100 of our client’s employees – no CEOs or Presidents were included. The results speak for themselves. Remember one of the things we can all do to improve our bottom line is identify, communicate, and live our core values – build our culture. If you are unsure of how to start – ABS is here to help you!

Client Survey Results

  1. What are your institutions values and definitions of them? Want the list, ask us for it!
  2. Do you feel every employee knows what the institutions values are? 32% yes; 68% no (82 responses)
  3. Are the values discussed from the top down on a regular basis? 23% yes; 77% no (80 responses)
  4. Do you feel everyone interprets the values with the same definition and actions? 45% yes; 55% no (42 responses
  5. Does your institution use their values when hiring new staff? 68% yes; 32% not sure (23 responses)